Aiming to be
The World's No.1 Steel Plate
Steel Processing Manufacturer

To aim at the best of total steel processing
manufacture of the world.


Our Mission as
a Component Manufacturer
The mission as the component manufacturer.

As a domestic top company of comprehensive steel sheet processing manufacturers, we will challenge new technology and production at the optimum location in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States in order to meet all customer needs for safety, quality, delivery, and cost.。

In addition, in order to respond to globalization, we have established a quality assurance system that can supply stable quality from any country and any factory by actively working on automation and standardization.

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60 years since its founding,
from Kyoto to the world

Founded in 1962, KATSUSHIRO MATEX has steadily expanded its production bases around the world.

We have acquired ISO certification and continue to provide products, technologies and services that satisfy our customers around the world.

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Net work
Global production bases

At Katsushiro Matex, we are developing our business under the quality policy of "Dedicated to quality first, and with the participation of all employees, we provide products and services that earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers

Based on the concept of optimal global production and optimal procurement, we have established production bases not only in Japan, but also in the United States, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Vietnam.

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Commitment to
Safety and Quality

SAFETY Pursuit of Safety

Manufacturing at Katsushiro Matex is based on the safety of our employees. In order to create a safe and secure workplace, when updating factories and equipment, we always consider safety and hygiene when working on improvements.

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QUALITY Pursuit of Quality

When it comes to quality, Katsushiro Matex never compromises. We conduct rigorous product inspections with the latest equipment and deliver only products worthy of the label of "world quality" to customers around the world.

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