About Katsushiro Matex

Meeting the World’s Varied Needs,
Every Time!

As a leading steel processing manufacturer, we strive to meet all customer needs, including safety, quality, delivery, and cost. We achieve this through optimal local production and a commitment to exploring new technologies across our factories in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and Western countries.

To adapt to globalization, we are actively engaged in automation and standardization, establishing a quality assurance system that ensures stable product quality from any country or factory.

Respond the needs from various customer all over the world
  • Elevating Quality Worldwide
    with “Integrated Production!”

    Katsushiro matex Production Technology

    Our in-house developed production control system ensures comprehensive process control. All processes, from cutting to painting, are geared towards high-quality production.

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  • Trust-Building,
    Workplace Enhancement!

    Employees are working together with the aim of “Safe Workplace” and “Improvement in Technology.”

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  • Dedicated to World-Class,
    Tailored Quality!

    All employees work together to ensure “Workplace Safety” and “Technological Improvement.”

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  • Environmental Efforts
    Equipment Improvement

    We are evaluating our production processes and introducing environmentally and employee-friendly equipment.

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