Commitment to the Highest Quality

Always at the World’s Top Quality

Construction machinery supports logistics and societies not only in Japan but worldwide.
That’s why Katsushiro Matex’s quality meets global standards.
With the ability to provide technology that is applicable in any country around the world and discern the needs of customers, we operate globally.

Respond the needs from various customers all over the world
Quality is
the essence of Katsushiro.

Katsushiro Matex’s mission is to provide products, technology, and services that satisfy customers worldwide.

Quality is the core of our identity. Through initiatives like ISO certification and optimal local production, we continuously strive for improvement in quality.

  • Layout Machine

    Coordinates measured in three axes, XYZ, are instantly captured by the computer, forming a 3D model. We conduct inspections to ensure there are no dimensional errors in your drawings, even for large workpieces.

  • Wide-Area 3D Measurement Machine

    The probe at hand and the main body’s camera are synchronized with infrared, allowing measurement of a wide area. You can check the measured values on the monitor at hand, enabling quick and high-precision inspections of large sheet metal products.

  • Multi-Articulated 3D Measurement Machine

    We conduct optimal measurements for inspection targets by combining various measuring instruments on multi-joint arms. By combining non-contact scanners, we can also measure data as surfaces, ensuring that even minor distortions are not overlooked in inspections.

Our Commitment to ISO

We conduct rigorous quality inspections to consistently deliver stable and high-quality products.

At Katsushiro, in addition to checks at each stage of manufacturing, we also perform rigorous product inspections across several criteria upon completion. We only deliver products worthy of being called “world-class quality” to our customers. Furthermore, we actively promote the high-quality improvement of our manufacturing environment and have obtained ISO 9001 certification.

Moreover, we are not only committed to quality but also actively engage in environmental management and occupational health and safety management. We have obtained ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications as well.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001