Activity of Quality Control and ISO

Quality Policy

Basic Guideline

Realize management philosophy and build ISO9001, ISO14001 management system as a part of the corporate activity and establish the following “basic guideline” and work on business activities.

  1. Put the heart and soul into the quality first and realize the offer of product and service to get trust and satisfaction from the customer by all the members.
  2. Improve and develop for steel plate processing technology and try for quality improvement, energy saving, and efficient use of resources.
  3. We observe the regulations which are legal regulations, other requirements we agree and our voluntary restraint.
  4. We will do continuation improvement to keep for effectiveness and suitability of the operating for management system.
  5. Set the aim and target of the year and work on quality improvement, environmental impossible reduction, and the prevention of the environmental pollution.
Action to ISO

Action to ISO

We do severe quality checks to send high quality products always.
"Katsushiro does severe product inspection for several items after the completion not only the each process of the production.
We deliver only good products to the customer in order to give ‘world quality’."
In addition, we promote high quality for manufacturing environment positively and authenticate ISO9001.
We worked on the environmental management positively and acquired the certification of ISO14001 on March 16, 2006.
Quality Inspection

Quality inspection

We do not permit all compromise about the quality cause of the perfect guarantee of quality system. The quality is life of KATSUSHIRO.