KAIZEN activity for production equipment

KAIZEN activity for production equipment

Katsushiro matex work on the improvement of facilities to correspond to a new technique every day.
This is because we think that we have ability to quicker delivery of precise products by modernizing facilities.
In addition, as consideration to environment, we push forward the introduction of cleaner facilities.

  • Fiber laser cutting machine

    Fiber laser cutting machine
    We plan automation of the cutting work by the introduction of fiber laser cutting machine with stocker which is low running cost and promote improvement of the productivity.
    There is less power consumption than a CO2 laser and contributes to energy saving.
  • Automation of the welding

    Automation of the welding
    To utilize welding robot to eliminate the laborious work by humans and plan efficiency of the welding work.
  • Automation of the finishing

    Automation of the finishing
    Improve efficiency of the finishing work and improve the laborious work by automatize deburr and grinding process of the parts after cut.
  • handring robot

    handring robot
    Replace the handling work for machining center and cutting robot, we plan to save manpower and efficiency of the work.
  • Offline teach

    Offline teach
    By programing for welding robot in the virtual space on the PC screen. We improve efficiency of programing without stop the production line instead of programing on the shop site up to now. We support programing of the group inside and outside the country.