Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Katsushiro realizes the offer of the satisfied product, technology, and service for customer all over the world as a total steel processing manufacture by all the members.
All the employees devote themselves to challenge spirit and challenge a possibility in the boundless future and aim at contribution to society.

Message from President

Since we established the business for steel plate cutting in Joto-ku, Osaka-shi in 1962.
We work on a production of parts for construction machine and we supplied parts to world eminent construction machine maker and accomplished growth.
We corresponded to globalization of the market and expand the business with enlarge a production base in six countries that United States, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, and India.

We were able to celebrate its 50th year in business February, 2013.
This is a gift of support and the cooperation from all stakeholders concerned with us entirely, too.

We listen to the voice of the customer and aim at the company which can grow up continuously from now on.
We would appreciate it if you could support and instruction with us.

President Jun Katsushiro

2018 President Policy

Last year, the world economy was slowdown at Asia, Middle East and Russia including China by decline currency at the developing countries, drastic decline of the resources price and slowdown of the China's economy.
In the Japanese economy, large company became the good achievements by effect of weak yen, but it was very severe year for management for the medium and small-sized company because of labor shortage, wage up, increase in cost.
"In addition, in the construction business, the demand that the stock pile before the emission regulation will over and it will become severe year and cannot expect construction demand.
In such an environment, we plan the reinforcement of the corporate culture by global restructure."
"We perform the activity that established safety to having top priority this year also and make the workshop which are worth working that secure workshop environment all the employees working safety and easy.
In the quality, we are going to exhibit the activity of escape from worst of quality problem and try to recovery the trust from the customers."
In this year we supply quality products on the basis activities of 4S (rearranging, order, cleaning, discipline) and 4K (decided matter, decided rule, do it properly, confirm) and speed and innovation and aim at the company which can contribute to the society.

Environmental Initiatives
It must think about keep environment of the earth to meet the needs of customers of the world.
"When looked on a global scale, may be it is a small thing that “we Katsushiro Mtex is done”, but we think accumulate such small action will be a big influence.
Katsushiro Matex promise that hold up “Environmental Policy” in all group companies and try our best."

Environmental Policy

Fundamental Principles

In order to meet customers’ demands, we have addressed the business challenges of minimizing the consumption and recycling of steel plates as limited iron and steel resources through optimized allocation and efficient utilization.
These challenges have significance in the harmonization of social development and natural environment, which is a necessary policy for developing global and regional environment in modern society.
By recognizing the relationship between business and the environment, we will positively promote business activities from the standpoint of conserving the natural environment and that of the global environment, and contribute to establishing a society, where pollution control and sustainable development are possible.

Action Policies
  1. We will make the efficient use of steel plates a priority issue, with the whole company striving to use global resources in an effective way.
  2. We will promote energy saving and the prevention of global warming through the improvement and development of steel plate processing technology.
  3. We will protect regional society and the surrounding region through the thorough maintenance and management of our equipment used for processing steel plates.
  4. We will comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which we subscribe in our present and future business activities.
  5. We will establish environmental objectives and targets, to which all our employees will be committed in order to achieve this Environmental Policy. We will accordingly review these environmental objectives and targets and implement continual improvements to this environmental management system.
  6. We will communicate this Environmental Policy to our employees and members through a suitable program of education, and will disclose it to the general public.

October 1st 2018 Katsushiro Matex Co., Ltd. President Jun Katsushiro

Action for Safety
We assume it is a basic policy that” The safety takes first priority at all”.
All employees join together to toward that” promote a safe and trusted work shop”.
And work on about promote the safety mind along with promote that expose or reduction the risk.

Safety and Health Policy

All the members recognize that” The safety takes first priority at all”.
”Promote a safe and trusted work shop”. And under the good communication, we try to uplift the safety mind of the each employee.

  1. First of all, Katsushiro try for secure the workplace environment that all employees can work safe and feel at ease.
  2. For the realization mentioned above, Katsushiro promote the positive activity of safety and health and health care.
  3. Each section manager of Katsushiro recognize above as a top priority theme and will demonstrate leadership for the activity.
Action Course
  1. We will promote pointing and calling, keep rules, and build safe workplace environment.
  2. We will work on the reduction of the risk for every step that design, supply and manufacturing and promote prevention of the labor accident.
  3. We observe 4S-4K and promote safe hygiene management according to Industrial safety and health law and rules in the company.
  4. We promote offer the opportunity and introduction of environmental facilities for the preservation and improvement of mind and the body of employees.
  5. For practice of Action course we utilize management resources such as proper and valid human resource and things.

October 1st 2018 Katsushiro Matex Co., Ltd. President Jun Katsushiro